Assisted Living

St Edmunds Charity
87 & 110 Clement Royds Street
OL12 6PL

Tel: 01706 521448

St Edmunds Charity is committed to providing assisted living for vulnerable adults in abstinence based recovery from alcohol/drug related abuse or metal health related issues.

Assisted Living
St Edmunds charity offers assisted living for those eligible to receive housing benefit who are able to participate and commit themselves to One of the support programs we offer. It is a requirement that users of the service are completely alcohol/substance free for a minimum of 13 weeks and most importantly that they have a commitment to ongoing abstinence.

It is required that users signed a licence agreement and compile and undertake a housing living support plan. It is also required they attend house-based self-help groups.

Sentiments charity except all referrals for assisted-living from primary care and support workers as well as self referrals, although we must always advise that acceptance is subject to an individual assessment. If you like more information you may refer to our referrer’s guide which is contained elsewhere in these pages.

Assisted living
Assisted Living Facilities 

St Edmunds provides Assisted living in the form of individual, self contained flats on Clements Royds Street, Rochdale. The Flats contain a double bedroom, bathroom, living room and open plan kitchen/dining area and central heating.Flats are decorated individually intensive being pleasing light and neutral tone colours. Kitchens are fully equipped and enable service users to cater for themselves fully stop Communal meeting room lounge, study room with PC/broadband connection, fully equipped careers suite, combined dining kitchen, pool room, pay phones and other leisure facilities available.

Assisted Living Services 

The transitional period of moving from a Housing Supported Care, or other structured living situation, into independent living is rarely smooth and continuous. For people already in the process of making the transition from alcohol abuse to a clean & sober/substance free lifestyle the additional transition of moving on indicates a highly intensified degree of change. All major transitions involve high rates of stress, which can have a direct impact upon the way people react, the way they feel and the way they react.

We provide an environment assisted living to residents with their drug and alcohol recovery program with Staff and support facilities available onsite to assist our tenets in continuing there recovery and maximise their full potential by assisting them to plan an effective, positive and realistic personal resettlement support plan, whilst continuing to live alcohol/substance free.

Assisted Living